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How to Super Chlorinate your swimming pool

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Super Chlorinate Function on the Zodiac LM3Why do you need to Super Chlorinate:

Super Chlorinating a pool is the process of sanitizing the pool water by adding large amounts of chlorine. Super chlorination increases the amount of sanitation to further eliminate germs, bacteria and algae from the pool.

When should you Super Chlorinate:

Super Chlorinating should generally be done twice a year, once at the start of the summer season and once after.


How do I Super Chlorinate my Pool?

  1. Empty all baskets and leaf catchers.
  2. Adjust the pH of your pool with Acid or Sodium Bisulphate. Your swimming pools pH should be between 7.2 to 7.4 for ideal Super Chlorination. The amount of Acid or Sodium Bisulphate required to do this is depended on the current pH of your swimming pool, size and the chemical you wish to use.
  3. Add a shock treatment of chlorine to your pool (best to use a pH neutral chlorine so that it does not affect the already altered pH of your pool water. The amount of chlorine added depends on the size of your pool. An average pool of 50,000L will require 500g of shock chlorine treatment to achieve Super Chlorination.
  4. Broom the entirety of the pool. 
  5. Run pool filtration for 24 hours (You will need turn your chlorinator off or down depending on make and model).
  6. Turn chlorinator back on to a suitable setting. 
  7. Avoid swimming in the pool after Super Chlorination. High levels of chlorine are toxic and the water should be tested prior to re-entering the pool following a shock treatment.
  8. No one should enter the pool until the chlorine level has returned to or lower then 3ppm (Parts Per Million).

For any enquirers or information about super chlorination please phone,
(07) 3396 4993. alternatively send us an email