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How to Winterise your Swimming Pool

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How to Winterise your Swimming PoolFind below our 11 easy steps to Winterise your swimming pool and help keep it clear all winter.

  1. Backwash the pool filters, if you have a cartridge filter for best results clean the cartridge with Zodiac Cartridge Cleaner 125g this will ensure to remove all oils and contaminants as well as improves filtration efficiency.
  2. Remove all debris from all skimmer baskets and pump baskets.
  3. Lubricate all O-rings with silicone-based lubricant.
  4. Adjust the waters pH to between 7.2 and 7.6 by adding Hydrochloric Acid if the pH is above 7.6 or Alkalinity Up (Sodium Bicarbonate (buffer)) if is below 7.2.
  5. Check the salt chlorinator cell and clean the cell if necessary with a Zodiac Salt Cell Cleaner.
  6. How to Super Chlorinate your swimming pool
  7. For a 50,000 pool add 1L Long Life Algaecide to pool water.
  8. If you have a Sand Filter add 200ml of Phosphate Remover to the skimmer basket for Cartridge Filters add 100ml, the reduced amount for Cartridges is to stop the element from blanketing with debris.
  9. Add 1 Zodiac Sparkle Clarifier Tablet to the skimmer basket (only for Sand Filters). 
  10. Broom the pool walls and floor and run for a 10 hour period.
  11. Adjust the pool timer to 6 hours (depending on pool size) and the Salt Water Chlorinator output to ensure a level of 1-2 ppm of free available chlorine.

If you have any questions please talk to one of our friendly staff at (07) 3396 4993 or email Bayside Pool & Spa directly.