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Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide

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Swimming Pool Maintenance

The following is a “general guide” to the maintenance requirements for a 50,000L pool salt water swimming pool during the Summer months. Depending on the environment and amount of use your swimming pool receives and the quality of chemicals used and equipment your requirements may be different.


  • Add between 500ml to 1L of Hydrochloric Acid to the pool to bring down the pH level which allows the available chlorine to work more effectively. The specific amount required is dependent on the pH of the pool before adding acid, the higher the pH more acid is required.
  • Empty Skimmer Baskets and Pump Baskets.
  • Skim the top of the pool and remove leaf matter and debris.
  • Broom pool walls and floor.


  • Have your water tested professionally.
  • Check all equipment and make sure there are no leaks or breaks.
  • Perform maintenance from the weekly section.


  • Backwash Sand Filter
  • Clean salt cell.
  • Perform maintenance from the weekly and fortnightly section.