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How to Clean your Salt Water Chlorinator Cell

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How to Clean a Salt Water Chlorinator Cell

Cleaning your Salt Water Chlorinator Cell is required to remove calcium from the plates of the cell which is a by-product of chlorination. The mixture required for cleaning is extremely corrosive and protective wear is highly recommended.

  1. Make a cleaning mixture of 1/10 parts Hydrochloric Acid to water (always add Hydrochloric acid to water).
  2. Turn the filtration system off.
  3. Remove Salt Cell from the housing.
  4. Add the Salt Cell to the cleaning mixture making sure there is little to no contact with the terminals.
  5. Wait five to ten minutes for the Salt Cell to be cleaned.
  6. If any parts of calcium are stuck or will not dissolve, carefully remove them with a smooth plastic instrument.
  7. Once the Salt Cell is clean, rinse with fresh water and place back in the housing and tighten the cell or collar.
  8. Turn system back to automatic setting or timer.
  9. Dispose of cleaning mixture.

If the Sallt Cell has an increased amount of calcium and it has not been removed after the ten minutes in the cleaning solution it is advised to use a specialty product "Cell Cleaner" which is not as corrosive or damage the cell in any regard. The cell can be left in Salt Cell Cleaner for up to 1 hour and will completely remove calcium.

We recommended using Salt Cell Cleaner at all times over the traditional Hydrochloric mixture, it is a safer alternative and not harmful to your Salt Cell at all and reusable.