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Swimming Pool Lights

Swimming Pool LightWater and electricity don’t normally go together but with quality equipment and the correct placing, pool lights are able to change a normal looking swimming pool or spa and add to a breathtaking experience.

Repair or Replacement

We all know that feeling when you have guests over for a barbecue and someone says “oh you have pool lights, can you turn them on?”, while walking over to the switch and hoping they work. Depending on the brand of the light and damage, repairs can range from a simple globe to a complete replacement.

Depending on the brand of swimming pool light, quality of the transformer and type of light it is normal for globes to blow and require replacement. It is typical for pool lights that have been sitting for a while with out being turned on that a more expensive repair is required this can include a globe, globe holder / ceramic block, light deflector plate and lens. If the repair sums to more than $150 and considering the brand we strongly recommend a retrofit light.

What is Retro Fitting

Swimming pool lights are like any other product there are budget lights, a middle ground where the price of the light is on par with the features and then there is a more premium option. With a fantastic line of retrofit swimming pool lights from Spa Electric we are able to replace complete less quality and inferior lights that are no longer available or are too expensive to repair, this includes LED, Halogen, Surface Mount, Niche Mount and Mini-Niche Mount.

The benefit to replacing a complete pool light with a more commonly known brand are is that repairs and parts are simple and it is designed that way. The functionality of most Spa Electric Retrofit lights are the multi voltage feature enabling them to be put on any transformer so that it doesn't have to be replaced since most LED pool lights use a very low voltage and require extremely low watts saving money over conventional swimming pool lighting.

When considering a Spa Electric Retro Fit light note that the most common swimming pool light is 24 volt 100 watt and a Spa Electric GKRX Retro Fit pool light is 12 volt 12 watt.

Tricks of the Trade

  • When replacing globes check the required Voltage and Watts required, this is normally indicated on the transformer.
  • Not all light brands take the same globe it is best to bring the globe in to aid in identification.
  • If you are unsure if there is water in the light a good trick is to unscrew it from the wall and see if it floats, if the light floats there is no water inside and generally does not require to be disassembled
  • If there are no problems with the light in the pool, it will be the Transformer or the cable between the two.
  • Before replacing a light transformer check the fuse to see if it has blown.
  • Turn your swimming pool lights on for a few hours every week to keep condensation out of the business end of the light

If unqualified or unsure about anything on this page please do not conduct repairs on swimming pool lights, all work should be completed by a Qualified Electrician or Swimming Pool Professional.

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