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Robotic Pool Cleaner Repairs

Robotic Pool Cleaners are the latest iteration in pool cleaning technology. With devices able to scrub walls and vacuum all types of debris its not hard to see why these fantastic cleaners are fast becoming a backyard necessity.

How to correctly use a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Preventative maintenance is key when dealing with robotic pool cleaners, below are a few recomendations on prolonging the lifespan of your robotic pool cleaner.

  1. Before use remove any pool toys or other objects that will stop the cleaner from working or damage the cleaner.
  2. Remove the cleaner from the swimming pool after use.
  3. When storing you cleaner make sure it is dry before placing it in the storage bag or caddy.
  4. Clean the robots basket after every use, fine debris may not be visible but will slow down water flow in the cleaner.
  5. Do not leave the cleaner or control box in direct sunlight, direct sunlight will damage the finish of the cleaner and the touch pads.
  6. If the cleaner is not running correctly the cable may be tangled, lay the cable out in a straight line until it loses its rigidity.

Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners

  1. Less stress on the filtration system.
  2. The pool can be cleaned without running the pool pump and costing more energy than necessary.
  3. Since the robotic cleaner should be removed after use there should be no hoses in the pool to be removed when wanting to swim.
  4. Less power to run than conventional pool cleaners.
  5. Scrubs the walls of the pool and vacuums.
  6. Depending on the brand and model some cleaners can be set on a timer for an extremely thorough pool clean.

Zodiac V4 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Common Replacement Parts

Wearing parts will occasionally need replacing including the filter canister and tyres, depending on the finish of the pool some parts more frequently than others.

The motor systems in these cleaners are very hard to damage but can be diagnosed and replaced quickly if required. The control boxes are more prone to sundamage and as such we advise to move the control box out of direct sunlight when not in use.


We service and repair all popular brands of robotic pool cleaners, Zodiac, Astral, Dolphin Maytronics. Depending on availability of parts repairs normally take between 2 - 4 working days.

For more information on Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners please
phone (07) 3396 4993 alternatively contact us by email.

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